4.0 is home.

My little bag of pens and supplies are like family members...I go no where with out them. You just never know when you will have a few minutes of perfection in the sunshine, or be waiting in the car for some one, or have that BURST and urge for a need to doodle. Today was a happy day for my little family of pens.... 0.4 has been missing for 2 weeks... it's been tragic, the others 10, 0.6, 0.3, the pencil, even my prize child the ballpoint, just can not fill 0.4's place in the family. I am happy to say she was found safe and sound in the Blaising kitchen...I am sure she had much more fun sitting in the hustle and bustle of the kitchen hub, than she does in my blue cat pen pouch. But... maybe the excitement and chatter she heard will inspire even greater work from her ink flow. That's my hope.