Simple Stuff.

It's the simple things in life that define it...that make it "life"... and not just any one's life, my life. The more I stop and look at life around me, the bigger the smile gets on my face, mostly because just funny:) It's amazing how when I actually take the time to look back on my day, it makes a fast motion slideshow of beauty, irony, smells, feelings, sounds... like a condensed 5 second snapshot of a 12 hour day. When I watch my little slide show of my day I am reminded at not only what an amazing and loving God is in control of my slide show, but also an the incredibly creative and humorous God He is too. Bean's patchy splotches on her pink little belly, the smell of fresh rain on the concrete, the pop gun found in Mommy's purse right next to her lipstick and devotional, the sound of people in dark trials rejoicing in the positive hopes they scavenge to find, the hilarious sight of myself in the mirror after 4 hours of intense graphic design work and staring into a computer screen....and last but not least the taste and crunch of Glutino sesame seed pretzel's that neighbor Margret brought over to me for my birthday:) All these sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feels.... THEY are life. And they are the things that I don't want to let pass me by with out acknowledging them and their significance in making me, me.