Tonight's Entertainment...

Perched on the 50s pastel yellow tile countertop in our Kitchen, I am also in the class room/chemistry lab of Professor Kevin L. Stone. Note book and pen in hand, a long with a sponge, I am instructed not only in the steps of the "specific, yet really very simple" process, but also am asked to repeat and reteach the process at the end of the demonstration. Let's see if I passed. 

Tonight's lecture: How to cook a "Perfect Steak" 

1. Buy Steak from Trader Joes (New York Flank Stake)

2. Massage salt and seasoning on each side-- crushed black pepper/himalayan pink salt/smoked garlic sea salt. 

3. Heat up pan on stovetop...with a little oil on the pan. 

4. TIMER'S ready? Set timer for 4.5 minutes SHARP. Slab that baby right on the pan and let her sear! Cover and STARE at the timer.

5. Timer's up? Flip. Leave pan now uncovered. Stare at the timer for another 4.5 minutes. 

6. Take steak off the pan and plop it onto a different plate than the one used before. (Kev made sure to make that step very clear, got it Meg?)

7. Turn the stove top off. (another important step he made sure I took note of)  

8. Pour yourself a glass a wine, and enjoy while four beady chihuahua eyes peer through your soul and beg for a piece.