Meghan Builds an A-Frame Chalkboard. (and learns some other valuable lessons)

I have a little problem....I like projects, but I also like things to be done FAST and EASY and SNAPPY and NOW. Hence, why I really love glue, and tape, and tacks, and anything that does not involve nuts, and bolts, and screws, and "wait three days...", do this 4 step process, blah blah blah..... The problem? Usually those things that involve the longer more patient steps will last longer, be more durable, and turn out looking fabulous....while my QUICK FIX little projects, may look good for the first day, but as time goes on....Let's just say I some times hear random crash noises coming from the other room, and I usually know what it is. All this is prologue to my most recent project I would like to share with you..... Meghan Builds an A-Frame Chalkboard Sign. 

Why an A-Frame Chalkboard Sign? Well.. I have had many inquires as to my ability to do chalk board menu designs for restaurants  and my response is "hmmmmmm SOUNDS FUN! Ever tried? Nope." Sacramento Bikram Yoga Studio get's to once again be my little guinea pig for chalk board advertising now, and why spend $90 on a silly chalkboard frame when the cute little old men at East Sac Hardware told me how to make my own?!

My Goal? I will be patient, I will follow directions (even If I think they are insignificant and I can skip, which frequently passes through my mind as a luring temptation.) I will not give up half way and be left with random half pieces of wood, and plastic packaging and screws thrown around the garage. I will not use glue, or tape, or take a "short-cut". 

Let's do this.


Here's the part you all knew was coming...How long do you think it took before I had ALL my supplies and drills and parts out, that I yelled over the fence to John who was "conveniently" weed spraying his lovely yard...

"Uhm.... John?? I DONT know a lot about building and tools and screws and wood, but I DO know my shapes." I held up my wooden frame "I know this is a square. And my chalkboard is most definitely a rectangle."

In the blink of an eye, the weed spray can was dropped and "Super John" came to my rescue and surveyed the damage I had done. "Hmm....what did you do?" He thoughtfully took a look at my strewn about scraps of wood and black stains everywhere from Chalk Board paint, and the next thing I know I was transfered into a magical and elaborate wood shop, right next door. Every single tool imaginable, all neatly and immaculately displayed. "I think we can fix this" said by John the incredible wood craftsman?

Ok.... this is almost too good to be true.  

It gets even better. After re-evaluating the project, John and I spent the next couple hours which seemed like 20 seconds, like kids in a candy store, sawing and drilling and measuring. The best part? He made me do the steps myself :) 


I was on cloud nine. I learned to pilot screws, Meghan would never take the time to screw something in, LET ALONE pilot a screw!  I even fell in love with the smell of saw dust and drill bits and sanders... I asked John if this could possibly happen again? :) 


After the Square frame was then transformed into a solid sturdy beautiful rectangle that perfectly fit my freshly painted (but dried, don't worry) MDF board (medium density fibre-board) We secured it on with 8 screws. Then added two door hinges to the top. VOILA! 

step five.jpg

(As you can see Row-Bear conveniently stopped by in time to see the finished product!) I told him he could help for the next one....

John and I high fived and said "We make a great team!" I've gotta say.... I'm pretty proud of this board, and not only that.... I'm pretty proud of how sturdy it is, and I'm pretty proud to say that no tape of glue or tacks were used in the making of this product.

NOW! LEt's get some ART on this baby! (the frame will be painted bright and cheery orange, the happy color of Sacramento Bikram Yoga)

*more pictures to follow:)

p.s. John said my woodworking adventures adventures and lessons didn't have to stop here....I was so excited I went out and bought him a Heavenly's Frozen yogurt with marshmallows on top. :)