Mommy and I challenged ourselves today. I always knew some-day math would come in handy, and those Saxon Math hours would come back to reward me in something profitable. Well.... Today it has. I've been reminded of RATIOSin "laymen's terms" (as they say)  

A ratio represents, for every amount of one thing, how much there is of another thing.

Mommy and I decided to make our own Saxon math word problem for the day. This time for our "thing" we used a very familiar and besetting sin of over  talking and fretting. We both agreed our track records prove that, comparing the amount of these to the amount of prayer in our life, is GIGANTICALLY off. 

 We challenged ourselves to re-set our ratio, and to make sure, that (even though talking and thinking are very necessary in life) for every talking or fretting we do about our problems or fears, our praying ratio significantly trumps it. 

One day down, many more to go, but thanks to God's never ending patience and mercy (and a good old Saxon math education)

 I think we can do it.