Get over it...

Before I formed you in the WOMB, I KNEW you. Before you were BORN, I set you apart. Jeremiah 1:5

Especially on days like today, verses like this make me give a sigh of thankfulness, and also scratch my head and wonder "God? You really knew what you were getting into with me?"  He has more patience with me than I do with myself. There are days quite often, that I get fed up with myself, frustrated at my reoccurring failures and mistakes. I can't imagine if I do that....what a perfect God feels when he sees me down here like an ant trying to get outside a circle drawn around it. But yet, He lovingly says this to me, He reminds me that he knows who I am, he knew what He was doing when he put every quirk and glitch and insecurity in me. The best part of it, is that He still loves me. I'm learning that yes, I make mistakes, a LOT of them. And yes. There are many things I wish I could do better or understand or FIX RIGHT NOW. But moping and soaking in these things won't make me better. Getting up and moving on will. And I can be confident that I have a God who is patient. A God who knew.