A verse a day.


 "What consumes your mind, controls your life" 

I have many thoughts that go through my head. Some good, some brilliant, some ugly, some discouraging...but the worst ones, are the useless ones.

The fluff.  

So many useless, empty thought can filter through my head, using up energy and life that could be spent on other valuable things. In congruence with trying to banish these thoughts and empty chatter in my head, I am also trying to FILL  this void with the truth, with the words of Life, the words of God.  

Hoping... that by filling up and consuming my mind with his Word, this brilliant bright shining truth that I have at my finger tips, I will be so stuffed with it, that I won't have room for any thing else:) 

To me: When I read or hear this truth, I see pictures and words and colors in my mind, it helps me to remember them through out the day. It is my goal to take one--at least one-- nugget of this gold and illustrate what I see in my mind. 

So here's to Day 1.... let's get filled up.