Genisis 1:31


When I draw something, I am told I do a funny head tilt. Really what I'm doing is surveying my work. (not really sure what tilting the head accomplishes but it's involuntary) I want to see if "its good."

Many times, I despise it, I crumble it up and I throw it away, I want to get it as far out of my site and memory as I can. Other times, I say "Ok, I can work with this." or "this is good enough" sometimes "it would have been perfect if I hadn't done THAT right there..." or "that's the best I can do with what I have to work with... These are some of the thoughts that run through my head as the "tilt" is going on.

Today when I read this verse, I had the most amusing picture in my mind: God is an artist. An incredible master architect of land and mountains, painter of sunsets, sculpture of mountains... I can only imagine Him on the day of creation stepping back (maybe doing a little head tilt) and saying "That's GOOD."  The difference with God is that when he created US, he didn't say "There's nothing good I can make out of that...." or "She's good enough, I guess...."

He made us all incredibly different unique, he made our QUIRKS WORK, he made them beautiful. He made them GOOD.