I would like to introduce you to Zinky, he's a fantastic fellow who just so happens to be a complete half and half swirl of Zebra and Donkey. While growing up he was teased for his odd ethnicity and always felt like he couldn't really "fit in" with either crowd. Zinky loves tuna sandwiches, hot Cheetos, and diet coke. He is an avid Yogi and likes to think up playlists and mixes while in tree pose. Zinky has aspirations of being a DJ, master mixer. That is his dream. When he's behind those turntables scratching.... he rocks those stripes like no-bodies business. Zinky Wear is worn by people like us who think that this dude should reach those dreams and rock the house with groovin' tunes.....all proceeds go to the "DJ Zinkz" fund. Let's show this world that being thoroughbred is so yesterday.